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Cyclists aspire to be the fastest and most aerodynamic... To achieve these goals, they need a bicycle with the right components, an aerodynamic helmet, plenty of training, the right position, but also clothing that is tight-fitting, breathable, to be worn like a 'second skin'.
This is how cycling bodysuits come into the picture, a timeless product that many athletes prefer to classic shorts and jerseys. It is a unique, comfortable and complete garment that covers torso, pelvis and thighs, and is appreciated for its exceptional fit. Many models are made by the best sportswear brands with materials that make them perfect for triathlons, so that you can tackle not only several kilometres in the saddle but also swimming and running fractions.

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How to choose a good cycling bodysuit?

There are different types of cycling bodysuits on the market: summer, winter, long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless, specific for triathlon, training, chrono, road or cyclocross races.
To find the cycling bodysuit that's right for you, we recommend you consider a few points:

  • the fit
  • the fabric
  • the pad
  • the zip and small details
  • the seams 

As far as triathlon bodysuits are concerned, they have specific characteristics for those who practice this sport. In fact, a good triathlon bodysuit has lightweight fabrics, to allow for quick drying, and a reduced pad, so as not to bother the athlete during the first swimming fraction.

In general, it should be pointed out that the 'compression fit' technology that many models incorporate favours muscle activity, reduces fatigue and enhances performance.

Men's cycling bodysuit

Men's cycling bodysuits feature a pad designed specifically for the male anatomy. There is usually a chest zip that opens like a jersey, the construction is designed to adhere to the body without wrinkles that can be uncomfortable during performance, and the seams are kept to a minimum for a better fit, greater hold and reduced weight.

Women's cycling bodysuit

There are cycling bodysuits on the market designed for female athletes. In general, they have the same technical characteristics as the men's version, except for the pad, which is for women and generally follows the lines of the female body to offer comfort, good fit and performance.

Winter cycling bodysuit vs. summer cycling bodysuit: the differences

The winter cycling bodysuit has long sleeves, long trousers (or short trousers with the possibility of wearing leg warmers) and is made of thermal materials or is ideal for colder temperatures. 

The summer cycling bodysuit, on the other hand, is more common and has short or sleeveless sleeves and a very breathable and cool fabric.

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