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Underwear, whether for winter or summer, should be close-fitting and comfortable, preferably seamless and made of hypoallergenic technical materials designed specifically not to irritate the skin and to keep it warm and dry even after many hours in the saddle. 

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It is often thought that underwear is a marginal choice, not fundamental to performance. It may not be what determines a rider's victory, but it is certainly a very important 'layer'! Quality underwear means comfort, freedom of movement and protection.

Which technical underwear to choose for cycling?

Depending on the season, you should choose between thermal winter underwear, summer underwear or windproof underwear

It is also important to choose a garment made from the right material that will last over time. 
Most technical fabrics are made of synthetics, polyamide, polyurethane and polyester, and are combined with natural fibres to give greater elasticity and a pleasant touch

The materials must be hypoallergenic, protect without irritating the skin, be breathable and also warm in winter.

How not to feel cold while cycling?

In cold weather, cycling underwear has the very important task of maintaining the right body temperature, preventing sweat from wetting the skin and protecting against the cold.
It is therefore essential that the garment has excellent breathability.
There are also specific models for colder temperatures, so-called thermal underwear. The fit is very slim, they should fit like a second skin, while still allowing easy movement so as not to constrain the body and to avoid the feeling of suffocation that comes with wearing something tight.


Cycling underwear for men: what to choose?

The choice of the right pad is important for a man on a bike, and it can be integrated directly into cycling shorts or into boxers. It is important that, for both solutions, the pad is in direct contact with the skin, you should not wear normal underwear because it risks causing bumps and abrasions, and for the same reason you should avoid technical underwear that is not specifically designed for cycling, which may have seams and little padding. 

Cycling underwear for women: what to choose?

There are specific pads for women cyclists, and many garments, both underwear and otherwise, are designed specifically to offer comfort and protection to women (e.g. mono-braces on pants to avoid compressing the breasts, jerseys with a looser fit on the bust, sports bras). 

What to wear over cycling underwear?

Over cycling underwear can be worn for spring/summer:
cycling jersey, long or short sleeves depending on the temperature, pants and maybe a windproof gilet for the downhill.

In winter, depending on the temperature and the quality of the underwear, you can wear several layers or the winter cycling jacket directly.

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