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Corima's story begins in 1973 in the French Drôme region. There, amidst fields of lavender, the company began its activities, originally producing moulds and prototypes for foundries and for the automotive and aeronautics industries.
In the 1980s, production then shifted to the cycling sector: the two founders began to think about how to apply their knowledge of carbon fibre to bicycles, and they entered the cycling world with a fast and simply phenomenal disc brake wheel!
Hours of research and development to optimise stiffness and aerodynamics soon led to a full range of wheels destined for the pinnacle of cycling performance.

However, Corima's attachment to its heritage and corporate values have remained unchanged. Corima develops technologies to guarantee cyclists safety and performance, but above all it aims to establish a relationship of trust with them. Trust in the product, in the technology, in the brand!

Corima wheels: what are they like?

The company name comes from the contraction of COoperation RIffard MArtin, referring to the names of founders Jean-Marie Riffard and Pierre Martin.

Corima wheels are the fruit of the careful work of the brand's two founders. At the French headquarters in Loriol, handmade workmanship and the strict controls to which production and materials are subjected are the reason behind the low production numbers. This is also part of a brand that is highly regarded in terms of production and technique.

Top Corima wheel models

Corima's flagship is the MCC technology: in addition to the rims, the spokes are also made of carbon and everything is 'handmade'. It takes at least 12 hours of work to make a Corima MCC wheel!
There is also the WS range, which includes some of the most interesting products for road cycling, designed to offer optimum aerodynamics and maximum performance.

Corima offers an extensive catalogue of wheels and more (rims, hubs, and other components also in carbon fibre) especially for road and triathlon/track cycling.


Corima's 'top seller' models are Corima MCC Evo and Corima WS Evo.

Corima wheels price

The different features of Corima wheels mean that wheel prices vary: starting from €1,390 up to top-of-the-range models from €4,185.

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