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COLNAGO is history, it's class, it's quality.

Every cycling lover knows this name.
Ernesto Colnago's business began in 1954 in Cambiago, with a small workshop first repairing bicycles and then manufacturing frames.
In the next years Mr Colnago took part in the Giro d'Italia as deputy mechanic and began supplying bicycles to professional teams that went on to win.

Over the years the Lombard company has grown and evolved but has always maintained its quest for style, its charm and its unmistakable logo.


Colnago bicycles are high-end bicycles, designed by a team of craftsmen and mechanics able to create masterpieces.
In addition to the care taken in the construction of the frame, Colnago's mission is to offer unique bicycles for professionals and amateurs who are looking for a high-performance product with an inimitable design. So the work continues with the choice of the right components that perfectly complement the frame, and the decoration of the frame with unique and inimitable colours.

COLNAGO road bikes

The Colnago brand was born and developed from racing frames, the core business since its foundation. 

Currently the road bikes in the catalogue are:

- the V4Rs: the last one presented by Colnago is the result of years of research and test in the World Tour. Improved stiffness, better aerodynamics, weight decrease.
The V4Rs has peculiar carbon laminations, designed and tested with particular attention to the areas of the frame most subject to tension. Pedalling power is transmitted to the frame immediately and effectively. Moreover, the lightened and revised fork makes the bike much more rideable downhill, in groups and on technical courses.
These and other details make it a true masterpiece!

- the C68 Road: the C68 frame is made in Italy, in Cambiago, and is the result of over 4 years of research. It represents the history of a company that has been collecting successes for over 68 years. The care and skill of Colnago's craftsmen in working and bonding the carbon parts is unique and it is precisely these aspects that make these bikes special. 

- The V3Rs: a bike designed with one goal: to win.

Indeed, the V3Rs won the 2020 and 2021 Tour de France and many other titles...
It is Colnago's all-rounder, offering a precise and linear ride in every situation. The V3Rs frame weighs 790 grams in size 50s in raw disc version. To achieve such a low weight Colnago claims to have used a new type of carbon fibre that has significantly increased lateral stiffness.

- The V3: The carbon fibre monocoque frame and the disc brakes, a versatile all-weather braking system, are the main elements of this model, which, combined with balanced geometries, make this bike suitable for both flat and uphill. The design combines technical solutions that focus on lightness with aerodynamic details. The line is clean and essential, and can mount tyres up to 28 inches.

COLNAGO gravel bikes

Based on its experience, Colnago has proposed the G3-X for the gravel bike world:
made of carbon fibre, it has optimised geometry to fit larger tyres, with a steering angle and overall length designed to offer greater stability and comfort at high speeds.


The latest model presented, the C68 Road, is currently the top model in the Colnago catalogue: a true 'Made in Italy' masterpiece of craftsmanship, customisable in its details and fittings.
It was also recently presented in a limited edition designed by Milan-based Japanese artist Motoki Yoshio: a colourful, harmonious and absolutely must-have version!


The Colnago brand is a high-end brand, our bike catalogue includes models from 4,315€ upwards. These are top of the range frames equipped with the best components available on the market to create unique bikes!

We recommend you to always check our USED section, depending on availability you may find second hand Colnago models at super low prices. 

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