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It was 1971: a year when the world was beginning to change rapidly with a new and exciting spirit of digital innovation, creativity and imagination along with a worldwide push towards a new purpose. But cycling was still very traditional, very conventional, conforming to some sort of rulebook: the founders of Cannondale, Joe Montgomery and Murdoch MacGregor, however, believed there had to be a better way. So they set to work, and from a workshop in Connecticut they began to revolutionize cycling for the better, for everyone.

They experimented with materials, shapes and technologies, often pioneering the innovations introduced,... until they reached the fame of the brand that everyone knows today!

CANNONDALE bikes: what are they like?

The CANNONDALE brand produces bicycles to meet the needs of a wide range of cyclists: its catalogue offers more economical bicycles for those who use their bikes to get around town, through to top-of-the-range models used by professionals. And it also embraces various specialities, from road, to gravel, to city bikes, to children's bikes, to MTBs, to enduro bikes.
In other words, one brand can be chosen by the whole family, each with their own needs and preferences.
Over the years, Cannondale has worked hard not only on product quality and on the choice of top quality materials and components, but also on the aesthetics of its models, often presenting very curious and innovative patterns, graphics and colours.

CANNONDALE road bikes

Cannondale's road bike catalogue is wide and varied, including race, endurance and electric road bike models. And by choosing top-of-the-range models such as the SuperSix or SystemSix, you can ride the same bikes with which World Tour champions cross the finish line.


Even in the MTB world, Cannondale bicycles are known and chosen by many bikers, professionals and amateurs too, mainly for their quality, aesthetics and functionality. In this sector too, the brand is divided between cross-country, trail and electric bikes, both front and full suspended.

The main models include Moterra, Jekyll and Habit.


Cannondale's gravel bikes are designed for those who want to ride on dirt and asphalt, for those who enjoy long bikepacking trips. They are designed for those who love adventure, fun and racing.

Topstone, Topstone Carbon and SuperSix EVO SE are the best-known and most popular models among gravel bikers all over the world.


The Cannondale brand has also made a name for itself in the electric world by converting various types of bicycles to the "engine", thereby creating:

- electric road bikes such as the SuperSix EVO Neo and the Topstone Neo;
- electric MTB bikes such as the Habit Neo, Moterra Neo, Moterra Neo EQ, Moterra Neo LT and Trail Neo;
- city and fitness bikes such as the Adventure Neo, Mavaro Neo, Quick Neo, Treadwell Neo, and Tesoro Neo.

CANNONDALE bikes: what are the prices?

Cannondale's products are mid- to high-end, with prices ranging from €699 for city/trekking bikes to the more modern e-bikes at €8,999.
Children's bikes are also proposed, starting with balance bikes, which are perfect for learning balance on two wheels, up to bikes for boys/girls around 8/10 years of age, and are priced at attractive prices.
We advise you to filter the products on promotion and thus take advantage of the offers proposed by Cicli Mattio and consult our section USED BIKES AND COMPONENTS, where you find second-hand Cannondale bicycles at very competitive prices!

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