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We can without a doubt define CAMPAGNOLO as one of the top brands in the cycling world, established and known throughout the world.
Its more than eighty-year history has been characterized by innovation, invention, quality, and has contributed in a very incisive way to the development of modern cycling. Why?!
There have been many technological "avant-gardes" proposed by Campagnolo, from the first example of quick release for the wheels through the first examples of rod shifters up to the latest generation electronic groupsets.
The desire to innovate has always lived in the company's DNA, to propose new products that increasingly respond to the needs of cyclists, all with an eye always turned BEYOND the present.
The company was founded in 1933 in Vicenza by Tullio Campagnolo following the patent filed for the invention of the quick release of the wheel hub. It is said that the idea came to him in the competition due to some difficulties during the climb of Passo Croce d'Aune.
Today it is considered one of the most prestigious brands in the world in the field of road bike components and holds, together with Shimano and SRAM, the leadership in terms of groupsets for racing bikes!

CAMPAGNOLO components

The materials and technologies are developed to exceed the needs of any professional. The Vicenza-based company goes beyond all expectations. Thus the bike components and in particular the Campagnolo gearboxes are among the most popular and performing that can be found on the market.
Over the years, many groupsets and systems have been introduced to continue the company mission: for example, the Super Record was born in the 1970s, a groupset that is now considered the flagship of the brand in terms of functionality, materials and weight.
The Ekar group, on the other hand, has recently been developed and has been defined by Campagnolo itself as "the lightest complete gravel group in the world": the 13-speed Ekar gearbox was in fact designed from scratch to offer optimal performance, the best riding experience and the maximum reliability on gravel, all-road and endurance routes.
There are many other components that Campagnolo produces and which can take your bicycle and your performance a leap forward... You can discover them at Cicli Mattio!


The Campagnolo brand also develops high-end wheels, designed and produced with the same attention with which it dedicates itself to groupsets, the company's "core business".
Among the best-known wheels we mention the Shamal Carbon, the first model dedicated to the world of endurance, the Bora WTO, which focus entirely on aerodynamics, and the very recent Hyperion Ultra, made of hand-made ultralight carbon and able to offer great responsiveness and handling.


Campagnolo also makes cycling clothing to accompany its athletes during every training session, every adventure, every journey. But that's not all: the catalog includes casual garments, with simple lines and always characterized by the iconic logo, and some accessories and items to collect!

CAMPAGNOLO top models

The most requested lines at Cicli Mattio as regards the components are the Super Record, Chorus and Ekar groupsets, while as regards the wheels the most popular are undoubtedly the Bora Ultra in the 33 and 45 versions and the brand new Hyperion Ultra, among the most sliding and light on the market.
Cyclists from all over the world particularly appreciate the fact that the brand is an important industrial reality in which, however, the founding values that have made Campagnolo a recognized and distinctive brand remain alive.

CAMPAGNOLO products: what are the prices?

Campagnolo products are born from the careful work of engineers and cyclists who aim for the best, developing prototypes which will then have to respond to rigorous tests. In fact, all the products are conceived, conceived and developed in Vicenza by the research and development department also called Campy Tech Lab.
In addition to development, the testing phases also take place internally both with the use of technologically advanced machinery and on the road.
For this reason, the entire brand and its products are positioned in a high-end market.

We advise you to search through the filters for the best products at discounted prices and thus take advantage of the offers offered by Cicli Mattio and to consult our USED BIKES AND COMPONENTS section, where you could find second-hand CAMPAGNOLO components and spare parts at really advantageous prices!

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