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Born among the trails in the heart of Switzerland, BOLD Cycles develops high quality MTB bikes to realise bikers' dreams with innovations, technical details without sacrificing clean design and aesthetics.
Bold bikes are created by passionate cyclists and therefore aspire to a high standard, to offer fun and performance-oriented off-road experiences.
The Bold team has developed unconventional ideas to push the limits of technology, with the ultimate goal of creating bikes designed to enhance the rider experience.

Bold bikes: how are they?

Bold presents two main models in its catalogue: the Linkin trail frame with 135 or 150 travel, and the Unplugged enduro frame with 170 travel. 

The main and most avant-garde innovation introduced by the brand is the integrated, internal rear suspension: thus, Internal Suspension Technology offers several advantages including frame rigidity, a lower centre of gravity, and optimum shock absorber performance. Thanks to this technology, the shock absorber is protected from dirt, water and shocks to ensure optimal function. As a result, the bike has better handling, longer service intervals and a more stable ride that conveys confidence to the end user.

The watchword for Bold is therefore ‘integration’, which is also applied to the handlebars and frame for storing maintenance tools.


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