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Swiss quality transmitted to excellent, high-quality, state-of-the-art bicycles.
We are talking about the BMC (Bike Manufacturing Company) brand, founded in 1994, then acquired by a great sports enthusiast in 2000, Mr Andy Rihs. 
He led the company into precision engineering, building a carbon production plant from scratch to produce his ideal 'Porsche of racing bikes'. No other bike manufacturer has so many in-house tools at its disposal and this is mostly thanks to Mr Rihs' resourcefulness. 

Over the decades BMC has produced many racing, MTB and gravel bikes, which have often become stars on the international stage thanks to the victories of its athletes.

BMC bikes: how do they look?

The investment that the company makes in research and development is significant, so much so that the Impec Lab, the heart of BMC, where all research activities take place, is also located within the company headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. The result of this careful work are high-end bicycles, chosen by many professional teams and by cyclists all over the world.

BMC racing bikes

Designed for epic roads, dominating cobbles and pure speed against the clock, BMC bikes bring out the potential in the cyclists who choose them.
They are designed down to the smallest detail, made from the highest quality materials and components, and have the unique objective of captivating their owners. 

The 4 major families we can identify are BMC Teammachine (Altitude range), BMC Roadmachine (Endurance range), BMC Timemachine (Aero range), BMC Trackmachine (Track range).


Not only racing bikes by BMC, but also mountain bikes. The goal of BMC bikes is speed, and this is true for off-road bikes as well. This requires intelligent geometry and low weight, without sacrificing stiffness and high power transmission.

The main models are the BMC Fourstroke and the BMC Twostroke for cross-country use, the BMC Speedfox for trail use and the BMC Twostroke for children!

BMC Gravel bikes

For those who love off-road but also asphalt, gravel bikes are the solution. 
BMC offers the URS (in various versions) and has recently launched the BMC Kaius: "With the Kaius we have achieved the perfect balance between weight, stiffness, flexibility and aerodynamics.

The unprecedented premium carbon layup uses high-module fibres to push weight to a minimum and power transfer to a max while high-strength fibers are used to achieve compliance and robustness.

BMC bicycles: what are the prices?

The BMC brand is a high-end brand, and our bike catalogue includes models ranging from €1,399 to €14,999.
Our sales team is available to present BMC bike models and explain details and differences.
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