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What is it and why do we celebrate it?

Black Friday is a celebration of American origin and takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day: it was conceived by Macy's department store in 1924 to officially start Christmas shopping.

Thus, inside the shopping centre were offered unprecedented discounts that attracted thousands of people. 
The invention of Macy's was then reproposed by other stores, but many years passed before the phenomenon became what it is today…
The hypotheses on the meaning of Black Friday are different (there are those who associate it with the traffic and inconvenience created by the hundreds of thousands of people queuing to secure the discounted products, and those who attribute it to the companies' Black Friday, whose employees called in sick in order to take advantage of the discounts), but the most reliable one has to do with the cash registers and accounting books of the shops, which from that day of the year began to constantly record the + sign and to "colour" themselves black (the colour with which the gains were marked, while red indicated the losses).


From Monday 15th November Cicli Mattio's BLACK FRIDAY officially starts.

You can buy discounted products or apply the promo bonus BF2021 on items not in promo.

A thousand opportunities for great deals but remember... you have until 5th December!

And when BLACK FRIDAY ends?!

Don't be afraid... Cicli Mattio is thinking for you many new and interesting occasions!
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