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Carbon or aluminum frames, light and fast wheels and a thousand other components make the road bike a perfect companion for miles. Two key elements are low weight and aerodynamics, which allow you to reach and sustain high speeds. 

Would you like help and so consider buying an e-bike?! Check out our electric bicycles section. 
If instead you want to customize the bike with the equipment you want, Cicli Mattio offers super high-end frames!
Finally, if you want to start exploring this world without spending too much, take a look at our used bicycles section... you may find your first racing bike. 

The racing bike is a model that lends itself to a sport use, often competitive, and not urban. There are several elements that allow the cyclist to assume an aerodynamic position, such as the curved handlebars, designed precisely to make the cyclist bend forward and to reduce as much as possible the friction with the air and maintain speed.

What is a Racing Bike?

For definition, the racing bike was born for competitions. In fact, its shape and its technical specs make it an ideal bicycle for pedaling on smooth asphalt and for reaching high speeds... just like a race bike!

What characterizes it? It is light, has thin tires, the classic handlebars with the "curves", and a driving position "loaded forward".

How to choose the first Racing Bike?

The choice is inevitably oriented by the budget that one intends to spend: wheels, group and various components influence a lot the final price of the bike. If you intend to approach the world of road cycling as a "neophyte", the solution could be to consider to buy a used bike, which allows the cyclist to understand if "it's love" or not. 

If the spark ... he/she can enter the world of road cycling, made of technicalities and continuous innovations. 

In addition, as already mentioned, the racing bike has a driving position "loaded forward", in order to offer greater aerodynamics and greater speed, but it is also more uncomfortable and difficult to drive. It is therefore advisable to start with a not-too-strenuous set-up, with the handlebars a little raised, and then move to a more "performing" one only after a few thousand kilometers.

How to calculate the size of a Road or Racing Bike?

It is essential to get help from one of our sellers and, in the case of buying a used bike, be patient before finding the right one. The size is in fact established according to the height of the cyclist and varies depending on the model and the geometry of the frame.

What are the best brands of Racing and Road Bikes?

At Cicli Mattio you can find the best brands of sports road bikes, which in turn offer a wide catalog of models, which differ in features and equipment. 

They are part of our offer the brands Bianchi, Wilier Triestina, BMC, Trek, Cannondale, Argon18, Cipollini, Officine Mattio, Focus, Guerciotti.

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