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Would you like to ride on a dirt road and then tackle an asphalt climb with the same bike? 

The solution exists: the GRAVEL bike. Gravel bikes are almost always equipped with disc brakes, robust and wider tyres and a geometry that is adapted to off-road riding. But they also work effectively on asphalt.

Are you ready to go with your new gravel bike? 
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Almost the same description is valid for CICLOCROSS, but it is a sporting discipline: this makes the bike more suitable for competition, with a less comfortable and more racing position and a more sportive geometry.
Furthermore, while gravel bikes are perfect for travelling, the same is not true of cyclocross bikes, which often cannot be equipped for backpacking (i.e. with panniers, bags and bottle cages).

What does it mean Gravel?

It is an ''all-purpose'' bike, between a road bike and a mountain bike. 
It is perfect for riding on beaten ground, whether asphalt, dirt or gravel.
It is very popular because of its versatility. The possibility of equipping it with large luggage bags, the more relaxed riding position and the adaptability of its use make it an ideal bike for all types of cyclists and adventurers.

How to recognize a Gravel Bike?

By observing it.
A gravel bike has a higher head tube and a longer frame, to offer a more upright position and greater stability.
Disc brakes, tyres that are larger than road tyres but have a better grip. In addition, if it is a gravel bike used for touring, it may have handlebar bags, frame ones or saddle ones, in short, all the equipment you need for a trip on two wheels.

What are the differences between Cyclocross and Gravel bikes?

Cyclocross bikes are gravel bikes but "race" bikes, so they are designed to be used on cyclocross race courses, which can often include a variety of terrains such as mud, sand, rocks and even snow. Their aim is to combine a more aggressive riding position with much more agile handling than a gravel bike, just to allow the athlete to give it their all!

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