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Bicycles in stock

Cicli Mattio offers a wide range of bicycles of all kinds, sizes and prices in stock. What does this mean? It means that the bike model marked IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY is physically located within Cicli Mattio, either on display or in stock. 

This allows you to see it live, touch it, and receive a detailed description from our staff if you come to visit us at our sales outlet in Piasco (CN), Via Donatori di Sangue 1. Or you can choose it, buy it and receive it more quickly if you make your purchase on our e-commerce; you just need to give us time to pre-assemble it and pack it carefully, and then the parcel will leave for your home!
Having a large catalogue of bicycles on stock allows us to meet the needs of many customers: those who are just beginning to approach the wonderful world of cycling, but also decidedly experienced cyclists, road cyclists, off-road enthusiasts, or adventures on electric bikes. In short, there is no shortage of bicycles on stock at Cicli Mattio... just come and visit us or our website and, we are certain, you will find YOURS!

Racing bike ready for delivery

Racing bikes are among the bikes sold within our company, chosen both by those who make cycling a passion and by those who love to compete and always raise the bar of their performance a little higher.

The racing bike brands most loved by our customers ready for delivery are Bianchi, BMC, Cannondale, Cervélo, Colnago, Factor, Scott, Trek and Wilier.

MTB bike ready for delivery

There are many Cicli Mattio customers who love MTB adventures: fun, adrenaline, effort, breathtaking views, speed. These are the key words to describe the world of mountain biking.

In our shop you can admire many mtb bikes ready for delivery from the best brands, including Bianchi, BMC, Bold, Cannondale, Focus, Santa Cruz, Scott, Trek, Wilier and Yeti.

Electric bikes ready for delivery

There are many electric bikes ready for delivery available from Cicli Mattio and they range across various cycling specialities. In fact, we offer electric racing bikes, electric gravel bikes, electric mtb bikes and finally electric city/trekking bikes.

Regarding this category, the "best selling" brands are Bergamont, Bianchi, Cannondale, Focus, Gazelle, Santa Crus, Trek and Wilier.

Gravel bikes ready for delivery

The gravel world is constantly growing and more and more cyclists are approaching this discipline, often discovering a great passion: the gravel bicycle in fact allows you to travel, to pedal on different types of terrain always using the same bicycle and to best equip the vehicle for face adventures in different conditions.

The gravel bikes ready for delivery that you can find at Cicli Mattio are in particular from the Bergamont, Bianchi, BMC, Cannondale, Scott, Trek and Wilier brands.

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