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Since 1989, Argon 18 has offered bikes developed by a team of people who design, test, build and dream of high-end bikes, driven by the goal of offering the best possible cycling experience to racers and cyclists of all types.
Even today this continues to be the thought that guides the company... And still today the staff above all loves to pedal, spend their free time on a bicycle and then work hard to offer ever better products!

With bikes featured on the roads, tracks and trails of over 70 countries - and powering professional cycling and triathlete teams around the world - the Argon 18 has become a staple in the international cycling community.

ARGON18 bikes: how are they?

Argon 18 bicycles do not want to be defined as ordinary, because the team before starting a project tries not to focus on what a bike is but rather on what it could be…

Thus, guided by this spirit, they work to offer athletes at all levels, from professionals to triathletes to amateurs, everything they need to always go beyond their best expectations.

The Argon 18 bike catalog includes:

  • RACING BIKES, among which we mention the best known Gallium CS Disc;
  • TRACK BIKES, like the Electron Pro also chosen for pro races.

Top sales ARGON18

One of our "best-sellers" among the Argon 18 bikes is the Gallium CS Disc model: a 1200 gram monocoque racing frame set up with the best components to allow you to leave your mark on every occasion, during outings with friends or on the finish line of a competition.

Among the triathletes who choose Argon 18, E-117 TRI DISC is the most successful model.

ARGON18 bike: what are the prices?

Argon18 products are medium-high range, with prices able to satisfy the demands of cyclists of different types, from amateurs looking for a quality bicycle with an affordable price, to athletes who rely on this brand to compete in the most of their career, choosing for this reason the top-of-the-range and therefore more expensive models.

We advise you to filter the products on sale and thus take advantage of the offers offered by Cicli Mattio and consult our USED BIKES AND COMPONENTS section, where you could find second-hand Argon 18 bicycles at very advantageous prices!

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