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Created to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts in terms of functionality and style, the Alba Optics brand was conceived and born to overcome all limits, to go anywhere. The design of Alba Optics sports glasses is inspired by the iconic eyewear models of the 1980s, but the product features the latest technologies and all the necessary attention to environmental issues. Most importantly, these glasses are designed and made entirely by hand in Italy, from the frame to the lenses to the packaging.
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Style, design, attention, technology, quality and performance.

Alba Optics glasses: top models

The Alba Optics team's main goal is to support athletes from all over the world by designing and manufacturing high-level sports eyewear. And it does so with the utmost respect for the dreams and passion that drive these athletes, for outdoor sport and for nature!

Thus, the catalogue includes cycling glasses to enable the cyclist not only to arrive first but also, and above all, where he wants and in any condition. Extensive work is done on the lenses in particular: for example, the VZUM lenses are designed to perform in all weather conditions! Composed of ultra-light polycarbonate, they offer protection without straining the eyes, and the wide range of colours is designed to improve saturation and balance contrasts to ensure a maximum viewing experience.

Alba Optics Delta

The DELTA model was the first launched by Alba Optics and is inspired by models from the 1980s and 1990s. The frame is made of a material composed of nylon and carbon fibre called Tr90, which is safe on the skin even after many hours of use, lighter, more protective in case of shocks and more resistant to high temperatures.
The fit of the glasses allows perfect vision when shifting the gaze from the pedals to the road, so that the cyclist can maintain concentration at its best.

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Alba Optics Anvma

The creators of ANVMA wanted to widen the gaze, extend it beyond the horizon...
This frame is sport-specific, light as a feather (weighing just 19 grams), durable, flexible and ergonomic. It also features a large ventilated lens and an interchangeable nose pad in soft non-slip rubber.

Discover frame-lens combinations for Anvma glasses at Ciclimattio

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