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Bike trailers for dogs

Do you love getting around and travelling by bike but don't want to give up the company of your four-legged friend? Bike trailers for dogs are the solution!

These trailers are specially designed for transporting dogs, so you don't have to leave your furry friend at home or make him too tired if he runs alongside you, and at the same time he can travel safely, comfortably and sheltered. It can be the ideal solution especially for long journeys, or if your dog is elderly and has some difficulty moving. 

With the dog bike trailer you can share moments, experiences, views and adventures... Buy it now from Cicli Mattio!

How to take the dog for a bike ride

There are different types of bike carriers for dogs on the market. You can find the ideal solution for taking your dog with you on your bike by assessing your needs and the use you intend to make of it. You will find the most suitable product for you and your four-legged friend in terms of size, technical characteristics, materials, technology, and much more. 

Once you have chosen the most suitable model for you, we recommend that you start with short journeys and roads with little traffic and paved roads to get your dog used to travelling in a dog carrier so that he is not frightened by noise or excessive jolts and becomes familiar with the carrier. It is advisable to let the dog climb in on his own and get him used to the fact that it is an alternative to his kennel, thus a comfortable and suitable environment for him. A good method might be to leave the carrier with the flap open and place a tasty treat inside for our dog. It is also advisable, especially for the first few trips, to make stops to allow the dog to stretch his paws or for his needs.

Different types of bike carriers for dogs

In order to choose the perfect dog bike trailer for you, you need to analyse your needs and search accordingly for the model that best meets your requirements.
There are different types of trailers and, above all, different accessories. In fact, while the basic structure always remains more or less the same, even if the size, weight and general structure vary, what differs are the "optional extras" that can make the product more or less equipped: rain cover, internal kennel, large opening windows for good air ventilation, storage bags (toys, balls, bowls and food supplies), possibility of attaching the strap to the leash for greater safety.

Bike trailer for dogs: how to choose it

To choose a bike trailer for dogs, it is important to evaluate a few characteristics:

  • SIZE: The product must obviously be large enough to accommodate your furry friend. This is perhaps the first aspect to be assessed before purchasing, as the dog must have sufficient space inside to be able to move, play, scratch and lie down.

  • MATERIAL: Bike trailers for dogs must be of good quality and made of good materials, avoiding plastic structures that can quickly deteriorate, especially if exposed to the elements, and preferring instead sturdy steel. The upholstery fabrics should also be durable.

  • SAFETY: It is important that the trailer for your dog is safe, i.e. equipped with an anti-tip system that ensures the stability of the carrier even if the rider falls. The best models on the market are equipped with insect and rain covers. We recommend using the safety hook inside the compartment to secure the dog's collar and to signal the presence of the trailer with a reflective flag.

  • COMFORT: The dog inside the carrier must first of all be comfortable, have good freedom of movement and good ventilation. It is also important that it is protected from the weather such as rain, wind and also sun.
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