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The Cervélo brand was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1995 and began to make a name for itself... In 1996, it made racing bike history by building the first carbon frame weighing less than a kilogram and thus defined its objective: to design and build the fastest bikes in the world!

In the beginning, his business was exclusively dedicated to the production of chrono and triathlon bikes. Later, with the collaboration with the Danish CSC team, he moved on to the development of road bikes. 

Where did the brand name come from? From the fusion of two words and two concepts, the Italian word 'cervello' (brain) and the French word 'vélo' (bicycle), precisely to indicate the union between athlete and bicycle. Since 2021 Cervélo has been the official supplier of the pro cycling team Team Jumbo-Visma.

Cervélo bikes: what are they like?

The Cervélo brand offers high-end bikes and frames, particularly in carbon, to meet the needs of those cyclists who want the best from their cycling.

"Whether you are a pro in the Tour de France, are taking on your first full distance triathlon, or simply enjoy riding on the weekends, we apply engineering, ambition, and passion to make a bike that is better for you." - Cervélo - 

Cervélo bikes are in fact designed so that the form and materials follow the function and purpose the bike is intended to achieve, so every single component is thoroughly analysed.
The brand is mainly recognised for its road and triathlon/chrono bikes, but in recent years it has ranged in its production and expanded its catalogue for the off-road world as well.

Cervélo racing bikes

Cervélo road bikes are in fact the brand's calling card.
Among the top models is the Cervélo R series, which includes road bikes that are unsurpassed in terms of comfort, stability and handling and are slimmer than ever. They are made to race uphill, downhill and even on cobblestones.

Also in the catalogue is the Cervélo S5: aerodynamic drag has been reduced by 65 grams and the frame surface area increased while reducing the overall weight. In addition, the iconic V-mount has been further refined.

Lastly, we mention the Soloist, a racing bike capable of accommodating both mechanical and electronic gearboxes, of grinding out kilometres in training in all weather conditions and leaping to the front of the pack at the decisive moment, and the Caledonia, a model capable of tackling long distances, high rhythms, without limits, in the constant quest for maximum enjoyment.

Cervélo Mountain Bikes

The brand only entered the world of mountain biking in the last few months of 2022, in response to the needs of Team Jumbo-Visma, which decided to race in XCO, and thus the ZHT-5 was born, a mountain bike in true Cervélo style. It is a fast, efficient and why not also fun mtb bike!

The 69 degree head tube angle, modern reach and short chainstays combine to create a bike that is stable at speed and agile enough for group racing. 

The model range also includes Cervélo gravel/cyclocross bikes such as the Aspero.

Cervélo bikes prices

Cervélo bicycles are medium-high-end products, with prices ranging from €3,699 to models used by the "pros" in the World Tour from €12,999.

We suggest you filter the products on offer and so take advantage of the offers proposed by Cicli Mattio and consult our section USED BIKES AND COMPONENTS, where you may find second-hand Cervélo bicycles at very advantageous prices!

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