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All Mountain - Enduro bikes

The ALL MOUNTAIN - ENDURO section includes full suspended MTB bikes designed for fun at high altitudes.
They arebicycles dedicated to mountain rides, ideal in particular for descents, for adventures on uneven terrain, and therefore for experiencing moments of pure adrenaline. 

Pedal safely, buy also protections and MTB bike helmets.
Would you rather consider buying a used mountain bike? Or would you like an extra boost with an electric bike?
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TREK Fuel EX 9.7 Gen 5
While stocks last -12%
4.179,12 € 4.749,00 €
TREK Remedy 8
TrekFest - Net Discount -25%
2.849,25 € 3.799,00 €
TREK Fuel EX 8 Gen 5
TrekFest - Net Discount -20%
3.119,20 € 3.899,00 €
TREK Fuel EX 5 Gen 5
While stocks last -15%
2.438,65 € 2.869,00 €
TREK Slash 8
While stocks last -8%
4.139,08 € 4.499,00 €
TREK Top Fuel 7
While stocks last -8%
3.587,08 € 3.899,00 €
TREK Fuel EX 9.9 XX1 AXS Gen 6
12.749,00 €
TREK Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 6
While stocks last -8%
7.359,08 € 7.999,00 €
SANTA CRUZ Hightower 2 Al R
While stocks last -6%
4.135,06 € 4.399,00 €

How to choose a ALL MOUNTAIN - ENDURO bicycle?

At Cicli Mattio we will advise you on the right model, listening to your needs and your idea of MTB cycling. The size is determined on the basis of the rider's height and varies according to the model and the geometry of the frame.
You can have fun with upgrades and modifications to customise your all mountain - enduro bike.

Why choose an electric mountain bike?

The electric sector has exploded in recent years: the addition of a motor has brought people of all ages/sports backgrounds into the world of cycling. E-bikes allow you to have fun, ride with people who are better trained than you and enjoy breathtaking views that you would otherwise reach after months of training. 

This does not mean that the e-bike is not tiring, but it gives you the right help when you need it!

See the section on electric bikes here.

How much does a mountain bike weigh?

The average weight of an AM - enduro bike ranges from 14 to 20 kg.
Each bike has its own characteristics, but a good MTB bike should provide stability, safety and at the same time speed and fun.